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The global M&A platform is an international network of M&A practitioners and scholars aiming to foster knowledge exchange and engagement. As such, we seek to publish short cutting-edge knowledge articles, opinion pieces, point and counter-point articles, but also small case studies on M&A. Our vision is to provide the reader with comprehensive information, broaden and deepen the understanding of M&A, combine rigor and relevance, and in the end, to make better deals.

As such, we aim to publish articles that enlarge our understanding or that are provocative, to stimulate further discussions. To ensure the quality standards of the global M&A platform, articles are assigned to associate editors based on the expertise and the fitting rubric. Authors can suggest a specific rubric. All articles will be reviewed and if necessary, authors will be asked to revise them prior to publication. Please follow the author guidelines before submitting your manuscript to: schneider@mna-services.com.


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Professor Duncan Angwin

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Professor Florian Bauer

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Stefan Schneider


Dear author,
To ensure an efficient publishing process, please observe the following guidelines:
Title: The title of your article should be no longer than 60 characters (with spaces). For indexing purposes, please include five keywords that describe your paper.
Main File: As the M&A platform aims to foster knowledge exchange and engagement and to stimulate interaction between practitioners and scholars, we intend to provide comprehensive but condensed information. Thus, we do not suggest word limit for articles. However, we want to emphasize the issue to keep the words on reasonable level. The language of the M&A platform is British and American English. Please submit your article as a word file and make sure that it is double-spaced and uses a 12-point readable front. Typically, articles are structured with three headlines: Introduction; Main body; Conclusion.

  • Please do not number sections.
  • Headlines should be bold.
  • Do not use ampersands (&) unless it is a commonly used expression (e.g. M&A), part of a specific product, brand, or company name (e.g. D&G).
  • Commas should appear before the final ‘and’ and ‘or’.
  • Percent should be spelled out in regular text, but the % sign should be used in tables and figures.
  • For numbers greater than 1,000 please use a comma.
  • Please spell out numbers one to nine, numbers above can be spelled as numbers.

Figures and Tables: Please do not incorporate figures and tables into the main text. Rather use “insert table about here” in a separate line, place the figures and table at the end of the manuscript.
References and citation style: If you cite other work, please refer to the APA (American Psychology Association) style. This is the most frequently used within the social sciences. In case of questions, you can consult: http://www.bibme.org/citation-guide/apa/

Source In Text In References
Book (Author, Year); (Author & Author, Year); for more than two authors: (Author, et al., Year) Author, A. (Year). Title of work. Publisher City, State: Publisher.
Journal Article (Author, Year); (Author & Author, Year); for more than two authors: (Author, et al., Year) Author, A. (Year). Article title. Journal Title, Volume(Issue), pp.-pp.
Newspaper (Author, Year); (Author & Author, Year); for more than two authors: (Author, et al., Year) Author, A. (Year, Month, Date of Publication). Article title. Newspaper title, pp.-pp.; if online: Author, A. (Year, Month, Date of Publication. Article title, Newspaper title, Retreived from newspaper homepage URL.