Dr. Olimpia Meglio

Associate Professor of Strategic Management
Department of Law, Economics, Management and quantitive Methods
University of Sannio, Benevento (IT)

Areas of expertise:
acquisition performance, CSR in acquisitions, acquisition capabilities, acquisitions in family businesses, acquisition programs, emerging markets, ambidexterity in acquisitions.
My research interests lie at the intersection of strategic and organizational factors affecting mergers and acquisitions. I initially focused on post-acquisition integration, integration mechanisms and capability. Over time, I switched my focus from acquisitions as a substantive phenomenon to acquisitions as contexts where to investigate enduring concepts, such as performance measurement or speed, and emerging concepts, such as ambidexterity or corporate social responsibility.
I am also interested into how we produce knowledge about acquisitions. One of my most popular piece reflects on the unsuitability of cross sectional methods to query a multi-temporal, multi-stage muddy process such as an acquisition typically is. I also favor an engaged scholarship that identify research questions that also matter to practitioners. I believe that a fruitful dialog is essential to achieve rigor and relevance in the M&A field. In this regard, I also believe that the issue of translation of concepts from the academic to the practitioner domain is an important challenge for the future of the field.

Short bio:
Olimpia Meglio received a Ph.D in Business Administration from University of Naples “Federico II”. She is currently associate professor of strategic management at the University of Sannio (Italy).
She has been visiting scholar at ESADE (Barcelona) and Copenhagen Business School (Frederiksberg). Her works have appeared in renowned international journals, such as Human Resource Management, Long Range Planning, Journal of Business Research, or R&D Management. She coedited a companion about M&As along with Annette Risberg and David R. King and she co-organized tracks and a symposium about M&As at EURAM conference.

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