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MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS 2019: Business Transformation – the new Normal

August 27th, 2019 Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum Venue: The Dolder Grand, Kurhausstrasse 65, 8032 Zürich - Switzerland
M&A Event

In a world of global economic and political uncertainty, how should companies prepare for the future? What markets are offering potential growth and what areas will fall behind? What changes are in the cards and how should we adapt? Ever changing customer needs demand new solutions, business models and offers. Companies have to transform in order to stay relevant and constantly adapt their business models to comply with a digital environment.

Several sectors currently face the choice to eat or be eaten. Transformative acquisitions have become an obvious defence mechanism to stay ahead of the competition. Companies need to minimise the risk of being sidelined by tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Netflix. Ever more present is the fear of being driven out of business and the need to realign or adjust platforms to adapt to rapidly evolving markets in this disruptive environment.

The value of digital tools to foster deals is high, their potential, however, is not yet fully exhausted. Data access and insight provide organizations with the advantage to better evaluate their options. But data integration can also be very complex. It is vital for decision-makers to address how they master the challenges of digitalisation.

We are happy to invite you to the fourth Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum M&A on 27 August 2019 to discuss in detail current trends and challenges facing the M&A market. Join us for a comprehensive day on M&A topics, including plenary sessions, workshops and speeches which will furnish you with the right tools essential for business success.

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