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XpC SupplierDay June 2019 (Germany) – M&A Target Screening & Research Tools / Solutions

June 27th, 2019 Xperience Connect GmbH Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Adickesallee 32-34, 60322 Frankfurt am Main
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Are we using all the possibilities of the digital age in the search for targets? Which solutions are available today on the M&A market? What to look for when choosing IT Tools / Solutions in Target Screening? With these and similar questions in mind, around 50 M & A experts from Corporates and selected providers met on June 27, 2019 (despite the heat) on M&A Research & Target Screening Tools / Solutions at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. After the first two successful XpC Supplier Days, the participants came to this day with a certain bias. After all, it was about one of the corporates themselves classified as very important topic with high relevance for the M&A daily work!


After the short opening by the host Stefan Schneider of the Xperience Connect GmbH, it immediately went into a varied agenda. The kick-off was presented by Dr. Robin Tech from AtomLeap. AtomLeap is an innovation intelligence firm that combines big data and AI to generate strategic insights, helping customers extract macro technological developments, identify exceptional ventures, perform M&A due diligence, conduct passive competitor intelligence, and provide market analytics on business model developments and potential partnerships. To further demonstrate the value of process management tools in the strategy phase in a live application, Stefan Lang from aumentoo demonstrated the functionalities of such a tool from a corporate perspective, before Jan Wimmel of Ubermetrics Technologies, whose application is integrated into aumentoo Presented the research solution using an M&A or SCM use case. Ubermetrics Technologies is a powerful crawler with multiple capabilities for corporates.


After that Dr. Janna Lipenkova introduced her new start-up Equintel alongside her Anacode. Equintel aims to fully focus on the M&A use case and populate Target Profiles using publicly available information. One of the key strengths of Janna’s solutions is certainly its application to the Chinese market. The company MADiscover, which was presented by Mai Anh Dao, goes one step further. MADiscover deals with Target Listing (Long List / Short List) and was presented at a very early stage at XpC Supplier Day in November. The strength of the tool lies in the application of scientifically sound approaches in (partially) automated short-listing. In November 2018, test pilots were still being sought as part of the XpC Supplier Day. Today, the first projects have been completed. The company has already received positive feedback from its customers and is now in discussions of possible follow-up orders.


Christoph Herr from KION Invest presented the perspective of a corporation on the subject of M&A Target Screening. The contribution was enriched by his personal experiences, so that the participants had much discussion in the subsequent coffee break.


In the second part of the event it became international: first Priyam Lahiri and Anshul Gupta from Ernst & Young UK, London, took the stage to present Embryonic. Embryonic is a cloud-based platform that uses proprietary algorithms to read millions of data points and visualizes financial and non-financial relationships between traditional and innovative disruptive organizations. In addition to the visualization of entire ecosystems, one of the main strengths is (partially) automated short listing and profiling. Marie Jung from Digimind from Paris introduced her tool and solution for the M&A case. One of Digimind’s strengths is the continuous development of the technology and the ability to integrate the solution into the corporate infrastructure (such as Sharepoint, Salesforce). Daniel Anders and Bharat Madan finally presented the solution from m-Brain. The “Intelligence Plaza” by m-Brain also impresses with its easy integration into the corporate infrastructure. In addition, m-Brain provides valuable additional research information by accessing its network of industry experts and libraries in more than 60 languages. After a short wrap-up, the time at the Flying Dinner was used intensively for networking and experience exchange between corporates and providers.


The first feedback on the event was once again positive from corporates and providers. The presentation of a total of eight IT-based solutions in the area of ​​M&A Research & Target Screening in just one afternoon was considered by the corporates present to be very valuable. The presentation of a corporation to its peers was inspiring, and the willingness of providers to showcase their solutions in one afternoon was considered extremely time and resource efficient. Most corporates are looking forward to the next XpC Supplier Day on September 19th, 2019, which will focus on M&A Efficiency Tools / Solutions, and have already announced their participation.


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