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XpC SupplierDay March 2019 (Germany) – M&A Processmanagement Tools

March 21st, 2019 Xperience Connect GmbH Frankfurt School of Management of Finance & Management
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Almost all M&A and PMI members know the sweet-sounding names of M&A process management tool vendors Devensoft, Midaxo or e-Know this world! An overview of M&A process management tool providers that goes beyond these three mentioned and the experiences of different M&A / PMI experts from different viewpoints, which certainly did not exist in this form yet! The XpC Supplier Day on March 21, 2019, was thus made for M&A / PMI members who already “suffered” in their projects under the various challenges of M&A project management and were looking for a platform for exchange and insight!

Approximately 40 experts from more than 20 M&A relevant corporates gathered at the second XpC Supplier Day in the well-suited auditoriums of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management to push their way back to school. On the timetable, after the first greeting, there was a look back at the findings from the first XpC Supplier Day. In his presentation, the host Stefan Schneider from the Xperience Connect GmbH provided feedback of the corporates to the first XpC Supplier Day. The relevance of the solutions for the corporates shown in November 2018 was reproduced anonymously and the hot topics for the corporates were re-worked out.

A hot topic for the corporates was the structured engagement with M&A process management tools, whose presentation was thankfully accepted by Karim M. Elmorsi. With his background as a Senior Director for New Venture Integrations at Philips International and as Global Key Accont Manager in the EMEA region of Midaxo, he understands the needs of the corporates and has been very well positioned to act as the link between tool providers and corporates. The featured tools had been named by Corporates. In addition to established M&A process management tools, there are now also some new providers on the market with interesting solution approaches. In his presentation, Karim focused in particular on the background and strengths of the respective M&A process management tools in the strategy and implementation phases. His experience has also shown that the introduction of IT tools must always be supported by a corresponding (change) project, because usually something in the workflow changes. What was remarkable about the tools presented was that information material available on the Internet often almost exclusively mentions foreign tool providers, and German Players and start-ups have been cited in the feedback from the corporates.

After this very extensive overview of the M&A process management tools on the market, it was time to come up with solutions. Two representatives (both start-ups) were called to the stage on behalf of the various M&A process management solution providers: Harald Ostler from aumentoo presented his solution, which in the strategy phase from idea to decision essentially bundles all relevant information into strategy / business development / Target Screening Phase is used. Carl-Friedrich Heintz from the digatus group presented the MIKE solution. In doing so, MIKE decisively addresses the challenges of data & template management in the context of the “change of control” in carve-out or integration projects. The open, flexibly adaptable application is supplemented by project management functionalities for cross-border cooperation. After this rather intense round, it was time for the coffee break, which was immediately used for exchanges between Corporates and Corporates & Providers.

After multiple requests from Corporates, the XpC Solution was shortly presented by the host Stefan Schneider, a form of knowledge and competence database for large companies, which is suitable for the screening and improved cooperation of corporates and professional consulting services. In order to hit the target group, an M&A use case was called up here, which once again impressively revealed the valuable information that most major companies in the shelves are sleeping on.

A special “delicacy” of this XpC Supplier Day was certainly the presentation of the historization solution M.A.R.S. – Managed Application Retirement Services from T-Systems – by Tibor Kosche. Applying this solution can lead to significant cost reductions through legacy IT system archiving, resulting in cost savings of up to 90%.

The final point of the official part set Daniel Anders and Bharat Madan with the idea of ​​m-Brain. This presentation also served as a teaser for the next XpC Supplier Day on June 27, which focuses on M&A Research & Target Screening Tools / Solutions. Afterwards there was enough time during the Flying Dinner for the networking and the experience exchange between Corporates and Provider, which was also used intensively.

The feedback on the event was positive for all participants. This XpC Supplier Day was once again rated as very successful by the Corporates. In addition to the creation of transparency in IT solutions in the M&A sector, the good exchange between the corporates was emphasized in particular. The minor organizational changes to the event in November, with even provided more time for more intensive exchanges between corporates and corporates & providers, was also perceived very positively.

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