AtomLeap is an innovation intelligence provider combining AI with big data to help organizations manage risks, seize opportunities, and make better decisions.
By applying our suite of machine learning tools to our proprietary data set of over four million companies, we help our clients with:

// Strategic intelligence:

Machine learning-based analytics and contextualization on innovation trends, new business models and use cases, exceptional startups and companies, and ecosystems overview — for companies that need the landscape awareness to inform strategic decisions such as R&D planning, portfolio expansion, and passive competitive mapping to track and analyze competitor’s investments.

// Big data-based innovation scouting:

Analyses and insights on global company (startup, SMEs, spinoffs, corporates) and technology developments, and direct the matching of innovative startups and technologies with the strategic needs of corporations.

// DNA-Fingerprinting:

Analyzing internal company data, then identify new applications for existing technologies and competencies, as well as recommendations to expand business models to other industries or countries.

// M&A due diligence:

Vetting and validating a single strategic partnership or acquisition target by using AI to ascertain competitive context, confirm the growth opportunity, and de-risk the transaction.
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